Engine Part Stockist

PT TGS is ready to serve your requests whenever you need the highest quality machine spareparts with the necessary certifications and competitive prices. We provide various brands such as Yanmar, Daihatsu, Caterpillar, Nigata, Hansin, Cummins, Detroit, MAK, B & W, Deutz MWM, Perkins, Turbochargers, etc. TGS also supply engine stores, such as  tools, bolts, screws, stells, and heavy machinery.
General Engine Overhoul
PT TGS offers overhoul ship engine repairs for marine industry and ships since 2007 and supported by experience and certified engineering
 Engine Maintanance
The main engine is the heart of a ship, requires special attention and is always under controlled conditions. If no regular maintenance can cause damage to the engine. PT TGS also provides ship engine maintenance regularly in accordance with the agreed contract. Supported by a variety of our engineers who are very competent and experienced in their fields
Engine repair
PT TGS also serves ship engine repairs and replacement parts. The spare parts that we provide can we guarantee the authenticity and include certificates for certain item