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PT Talenta Gelora Serafim was established as a company engaged in the fulfillment of ship needs, wanting to become the leading and most trusted company in Asia and in the World. We always serve with our passion and heart to match the wants and needs of our client.

Our Company Mission is to provide satisfaction to clients with the results of quality work, competitive prices and the completion of work on time, as outlined in the application of a consistent management system. We also ensure that our client will be provided with the best product and services of our company.



PT Talenta Gelora Serafim commitment, as always, keeps giving you high quality and reliable services to ensure safe, and with the most up to date trusted quality supplies.

For vessel’s gallerys and cabins we can provide everything from spoons, glasses, plate to saucepans, cloths

PT TGS also suppy to vessels with all their deck requirements. These include : protective equipment, paints, and

PT TGS also provides various kinds of beverage products, cigarettes, cakes or snacks. The product is neatly

PT Talenta Gelora Seraphim offers a complete range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions that are stocked

PT TGS also provides services for rental transportation, both truck cars for the purpose of transporting goods

Nowadays the development of technology in the digital field and information is growing very fast, all ships

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We already work with many international company, these are some of our amazing client